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ISIS: Playing along the great divide

Originally posted on WorldFuture:
The ISIS or IS is playing right into the international community’s division and the division of the extreme groups that are competing to gain control of the surreal ‘Islamic Caliphate’. So far, the international community led by the US has failed to gather sufficient leadership to deal with the Islamic state,…

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The two things you were not told about ISIS

Almost everything has been said about the ISIS, but the following: There are more than one group claiming the Islamic State name and the state of denial of the western world in the face of an unexpected plague. <!–more–> The groups fighting for a so called ‘caliphate’ are not unique to the Islamic State that…


We are back

Yes, we are back… but we do not know what will happen next. This is going to be a totally different World Future website. So watch out for it. We will update our great followers and readers soon. Keep coming back, we are here for the long haul. Kazi Mahmood